Andec 2006 Sept
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ABOUT ANdec da home



Homepage designer (graphics & layout): ANdec

Idea: ANdec.

Photos: Andec(90%) with Team(10%) 

Animation: Andec 

Interior Security system: Andec

Media source & provider: Andec 


Assistants: joanne(Taiwan).

Beta tester: DAC, Joanne(TW).

Partners: joanne(Taiwan), wop.

Intl: Konrad (US), Kenny (Australia), Jimmy (Singapore), YUKI(JAPAN), little bro.(HK)


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Special Thanks:

My family include any relatives & wife F, wop, David foo,james,w.h.y(robert), hac(game king) ,siong & pang.

And all who not listed.(too many) haha...


andec da home are fully designed by its owner and not duplicates from anywhere. The design are truly rich and High Quality. Any website that duplicates or copy from other people idea are considered not professional, not creative and should named it web theft.


Andec 2006 Sept

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