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Andec 2006 Sept



30-06-2013 Sunday

Uploaded! Beautiful people in taipei taiwan 2013.

   I'm sorry to skipped the long waited HK's photos, and I just replaced it with this one. I do hope you guys enjoy it first, meanwhile I'll get the HK's photos done as soon as possible. I do not want to delay it, but there're too many pictures to be edit and to be choose , So I just need more time to get it done. I want it to be present as what it should be, its buying my time for that. Ok here we go, hope you guys enjoy it and have a wonderful weekend, anything just message me and I'll be back here soon, so soon, Thanks!


(Don't expect all the people in the world are beautiful or perfect, human retains inperfection)


end post.



29-06-2013 Saturday


I'm lost over a decade long Lol.

   Oh no! I'm lost! I'm lost! I'm lost! Actually, not really! hahaha.. Sorry for all my blog reader here, I'm quite busy to update my blog and when I do, I will fill with lots of interesting content to it.

   So, where is those interesting contents? where? Of course you will dying to ask about it hahahaa. Ok Ok! I'm doing it now while blogging, editing and doing some minor adjustment to the website. I will done it by tonite, I guess over the midnight, you might see it over 20 plus pictures will about to fill into my blog. Thanks for those who message me thru this website, you guys are great! and I happy to read all the messages I know who u are! Thanks so much and the support I'm always fine here! Don't worries about me, u guys take good care too :) So, am I going to write my blog till the sun come out here? or am I suppose to upload those photos as I mentioned it now? hahaha Ok no screaming! I will stop here and get ready to flood my 5th blog page with beautiful pictures. Oh yeah!


end post.

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