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Andec 2006 Sept


28-4-2011 Thursday


Hands-on Acer Iconia TAB

 Hands-on Acer tablet PC, Acer Iconia TAB. I did a test on this new acer tablet type computer yesterday. Touch screen, just like IPAD but Operating system are windows 7 home premium. The screen are sensitive and responsive. 32GB disk space, AMD C50 1GHZ processor, 2GB RAM, very quick, just like ordinary notebook.

 I like this very much because it has a windows based system, can plug in USB pendrive or any other USB device e.g. USB mouse, USB keyboard, Card reader, USB modem & etc. Just like Ipad got front & back camera, wifi, bluetooth, built-in speaker, headphone jack, volume control & power button. Extra: start button,SDMMC slot reader. Can do screen rotation too.

 The body weight will be around 1 kg, heavier than IPAD, but very useful, you can use it as normal computer, I did test 720p 1080p Mov file from DSLR video, play very smoothly without any lag. The keyboard dock are included in this package, so you can just plug into it, and act like a ordinary notebook, the keyboard will become active and can use it immediately. This is a very cool device, I will get one when I need it one day. Looking forward for ASUS tablet PC too.

ipad type (head) 

Keyboard dock (in package)

Combined (become normal notebook)

end post.

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27-4-2011 Wednesday


A sunny day

 It's been busy over the last weekend, tired and not enough time to write blog hahaha, here I'm again. Last weekend went to my friend studio for some pre-wedding  work, of course it's not my work, because I never wanted to be a commercial or wedding photographer. For me, photography is just for fun not for work. I went my friend house and found this little chicken, belonged to my friend and it's cute~ haha

end post.


22-4-2011 Friday


IPAD type of tablet PC

 Today is good friday, I mean is a public holiday! hahaha  up coming holiday will be Labour day on 1st of may, but monday will be the off day since it's on sunday. I'll be going to Kuala Lumpur malaysia on that day with my friend to do some work+Play for a week, will be taking some pics and of course will share with u all afterward. :) Just wait for it.. hahaha

 Acer & Asus is going to launch some new tablet type of computer soon, to against the apple IPAD/IPAD2. Since their notebook sales are dropping in taiwan due to the apple IPAD, so the Asus will call it eee PAD.. very useful, got USB port(s), and the computer base on windows 7 premium. Wow that's great! I like it so much, since it can be use as a normal computer. And, got a dock, very special dock. Is a keyboard dock that u can plug into it and transform into ordinary notebook. cool~

 Today I found there're already have such kind of product, I mean a tablet Touch on windows 7, and I found this..

Prolink Touch TW8 tablet PC


I love this more than the IPAD 2, I love it because it's on windows 7, just like our ordinary PC computer and that's very useful.. + USB for my pendrive or card reader! cool~ I'm waiting for this for so long :)

Forgot to mention about the price, is around US $650.

end post.

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21-4-2011 Thursday


Wireless mouse

 I found new logitech wireless mouse today, I'm still using microsoft wireless radio receiver type today. I didn't notice that logitech wireless mouse receiver are small in size and very stylist.. cool hahaha. I think I'm going to get one, but not now, only if one day my microsoft wireless mouse fail me. hahaha I always use logitech mouse(wired type) last time before I get the microsoft wireless mouse.

here is the mouse logitech M310( many other models also similar to this)

end post.


20-4-2011 Wednesday


Boring day

 Oh dear, I feel bored today. So I spending my time playing with my poodle at home, haha I called my friend asking them to go picnic with me at the beach side later in the evening, is time for me to take some break and chit-chat with them too. Today is quite hot in my area, cooling down myself with airconditioner in my bed room.

Here is my poodle

opss can't see his eyes haha 

So cute isn't it? hahha

end post.


18-4-2011 Monday


Seek for F.I.R album day

 Just now went to some music store to seek for F.I.R original album but didn't found any signs of existent. hahaha a friend of mine from taiwan said that she did saw the Latest album was packed in bigger size than the normal CD package, I feel more exciting and immediately went out for a grab but failed.. I think I'll call the music store in this few days to ask for availability of this album, so I don't need to check it out  myself, will take some shots when I hands on :)

end post.


16-4-2011 Saturday


New favorites music album

 Not too much to share today, I hang out tonight with my best friend, went out for some drink, drive around my city and get some fresh air for relaxation after done my work. But I'd got one thing to share with you guys, I downloaded an mp3 album from F.I.R.. they're chinese singer from taiwan, a band/group named F.I.R. This is the latest album vol.6, I found out that I really like the songs inside this album, I really fall in love with this album, never before from all previous albums. Those rhythm really suit my ears.. I think I'm going to get the original album from my local store or in taiwan to support great music, I'm going to taiwan for travel in may 2011, will share my journey to taiwan soon. just stay tuned.

This is the album cover, official released on 15-4-2011. language : Chinese

1st official Music video from this album.

end post.


15-4-2011 Friday


Relax night

 Last night hang out with friend and end up went to cyber cafe (public internet service). It's been long awhile I didn't go to cyber cafe since I got my own internet line and computer at home for many years back . Since there's nothing I can do without my own personal files at public internet cafe, I then go to do something that I didn't normally do, play LAN games, test out some games that I never play before. But lastly gone to search for songs.. hahaha and I did found few songs that I'd like, here, I'm going to share the song from youtube. Hope you guys like it too.

 Jennifer hudson, The reason why I like this song are due to  the music make me refresh my ears of the lovely late 90'S kind of song, love it very much :))

If this isn't love


Where you at


 And, I found one of the latest chinese song, I love it,  I just don't know you, but if you listening to chinese song, you most likely will like it too.. :)) Malaysian artist, ma jia xuan + victor wong - yes I do

R܎+Ʒ Yesdo


more post soon.

end post.


14-4-2011 Thursday


First blog Post

 Welcome to my newly added blog,  I can spend more time to update here & communicates with you guys more. One things I don't allow is leave comment like any other existing blogs, if you still like to comment or ask me question, you can go to About > click contact me , just fill in your name, email and leave whatever comment u like and click send. As I will get back to you if you seriously needed my responds. :)

 Make sure you check back frequently as I'll update this blog daily or weekly, I'll share more stuffs e.g. like youtube music & video, my favorites things, new or useful information like gadget, software, hardware, movie, music, or something I recently test or play with. So, just stay tuned :))

 Ok, here's the 1st blog post. that's it~  hahaha


end post.

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