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03-6-2011 Friday


Taiwan's shots

 Sorry to make you guys waiting for my updates, I'm very busy with my stuffs recently, I think I have to tell you guys that I'll not update my blog frequently from now on, as I need to do tons of my work now. But hope you guys will enjoy this post, is a great post, taiwan is a nice place, I love taiwan, will go back there to do some more stuffs soon. But for my reader, I'll still update my blog but not so frequent, don't worry okay! thanks for being my reader. hehehe ok let's me show you some shots from taiwan.

1st place Xi men ding. (shopping district)

I do love this place, as you can shop as many as you like, very attractive shopping area in taipei, clothes, foods, CD, DVD, books, toys, etc as I haven't discover the whole area, should have something else that I didn't mention above. hahaha

transport : MRT train, you can go somewhere else using MRT, very convenience to travel around taipei area. As my hotel is here at xi men ding ^^

very busy street, all people around you (no where to breath) hahaha


Beautiful street view ^^


feel impressive for the night street view :)


What a busy street


Even at 10:30pm+ still have many people walking around. cool


2nd place taipei Main station (Central of taipei, you can transfer to many places using MRT train, bus, bus express, long distance train, taxi.)

This place also got many exits, basement shopping area, many other shopping mall outside this station as I haven't discover all yet.. hahaha not enough time for me to do so.

outside view of the taipei main station.


There are human everywhere hahaha


3rd place, oh I like this, Taipei 101.. hehe my favorites, I love big city and also the capital of the city in every country. I don't like go to jungle, so bored. hahaha

View from the bottom of the taipei 101 building, oh no! too near, unlike Kuala Lumpur provided a very nice park to go far from the building and can have some nice shots, maybe taiwan got limited space, so I can't get some really nice landscape shots. I think I still can, unless I cross the road to another street for a landscape shot.


A sign under the building, is I O I... mean 101.. not Lol hahaha


The view from above, 89th floor of taipei 101 ^^ nice?


4th place, I mean not Ranking, haha just 4th place to introduce to you guys, Dan Shui, you can reach there by MRT train last station, very far and need around 20-30 minutes from taipei main station.

Fishermen's Wharf, also known as valentine bridge, qin ren qiao.  After reach Dan Shui train station, you still have to get a public bus to valentine bridge, about 10 minutes.

here's the front view before going up the bridge.


The sea view from the middle of the bridge


This one is the whole bridge of the valentine bridge


5th place, Miramar Entertainment park, Jiannan Rd MRT station, Shopping mall with a big Ferris wheel, What so special about it? quite cool, located at Miramar shopping mall 6th floor, weird? hehehe, can see nice sky view! wuhuu cool :) 18 minutes for a single circle ride.

very beautiful Ferris wheel. love it ^^


A view from above, look, that is taipei 101, I thought there will be full light up just like KLCC twin tower, sadly not.


This one only for kids.. just beside the Ferris wheel.


Feel enjoying? hehehe, I will stop this post here, I did go some other places, but I didn't have accurate information to provide. So I rather don't hahaha. wait for some other post again, when I got spare time, I'm sure will write more to entertain you guys! take care K :) Have a nice day!

end post.


26-5-2011 Thursday


Back from taiwan

 I'm back again, feel very comfortable using my home desktop LCD, been used iphone for the whole week, small LCD.. hahaha this time out of my expectation, taiwan is greater than what I imagined. My eyes feel refreshing after explored their places, beautiful city view & design. There have a lots of tall building, the city are very clean, they got different style of handling trashes, you seldom found trash bin, you should bring your own plastic bag for your own trash & throw it after u go back home. I like this kind of life style, very clean & healthy.

 You can find public toilet almost everywhere you go, very very clean. Taiwanese are very friendly & very helpful, you can just ask whatever you want to know about, they are willing to help you out. Taipei are a very busy city, lots of people walking around you, left, right, foward, behind, they just don't give you a break, hahaha all I can see is human while walking around. I'm preparing my photos, will be back soon, wait for my taiwan photos K :). 

end post.


18-5-2011 Wednesday


Travel to taiwan

 oww, I'm leaving again tomorrow, hehehe, do you still remember I did mentioned I'll travelling to taiwan this month? do check back my post if u missed it.. hahaha I don't really like to travel as I mentioned before, few hours in flight are bored & tiring, so I hate it, and also after the flight, I have to drag my travel bags to hotel. Bag are very annoying to bring around, some more need to sit on the road based transportation for an hour before reach the city/hotel area. I hate these, wasting time and feel bored, other than that is fine to enjoy the travel trip :)).. I don't like to travel to any places without a goal/mission, yea! is correct, I do have some goals, else I won't go for travel anyway. Hey, is time for me to leave my computer and blog again, hahaha too much of computer, I'm temporary gonna forget about it for awhile, set my mind free for a week, going to enjoy the moment at taiwan :)

 For you guys info, I'll be back by next week, hope you guys enjoy yourself. Will get some shots from taiwan and show it to you guys. I'm off, tomorrow early morning flight, so I have to get ready for it. good night and enjoy ya. wait me back. :))

end post.


17-5-2011 Tuesday


Internet browser

 Today I tested out the Internet Explorer 9 for win7, I personally upgraded it on my PC, hmm, wait a minute, why upgrade it? It's annoying every time I use IE8 to play facebook, sometimes it will pop up a error message and asking me to close and restart IE8, even I set it to compatible mode in IE8 also the same,and sometimes need to reload the page to enable me to play fb based video & also fb games .

 Ok back to the IE 9 story, I did tried it out but unfortunately it was getting worst, keep pop up error message asking me to close & restart IE. So, it doesn't solve my problem, then I decided to removed it .. hahaha what the.. but the new IE 9 appearances & interfaces are far more beautiful & clean. I like it but it won't work, for your information, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 1st ver without SP1. I don't know how your PC work for you, but mine are hopeless.. hahaha

 Alright, I did go to downloaded the latest mozilla Firefox 4 browser, faster a bit for startup the program, cleaner interface, easy to locate floated-up buttons, newly added pin as app tab for faster finding back your favorites site within thousands or hundreds of opened tabs hahaha, they claimed firefox 4 surf more faster than the older version, so you have to try it yourself, for me, a little bit faster, but not much.

end post.


15-5-2011 Saturday


FAST 5 movie

 I finally went to watch Fast 5 at the cinema today, I wanted to watch it since the official trailer came out, I knew that it was not too much of racing scene this time, but I like the actions inside the trailer. I really feel want to watch it while the time I'm at Kuala Lumpur, my friend did asked me, do you want to watch it now? while the time we just stand in front of the cinema at KL. hahaha, but I feel tired that time, so I decided to watch it after I go back to my own place.

 I felt so enjoying while watching the movie just now, the action scenes are great, very excited scene & The ROCK's fighting scene also good. I'm sure to watch it again when DVD or Blu-ray version come out, no regret, watch it if u haven't :))

 Oh ya, and one thing you should do before you leave the cinema, be sure to wait for the after short credit for this movie, they're still some clue for FAST part 6, make sure you don't leave it so soon. K. :)

Fast Five trailer


end post.


12-5-2011 Thursday


KL shots

 Oh no, I'm quite busy and tired these days after back from Kuala Lumpur, but as I promised, I will let u guys see some shots from KL, so you guys won't feel bored hahaha. I did went to Aquaria at KLCC this time to refresh my eyes at KL, because I already went to all other places & mall rapidly since few years back, So I felt bored to do it again since I never went to aquaria before, is my time to have a visit.




Jaws or shark, The glass are very tick, make the fishes look weird and few unwanted colors added hahaha I thought is my photo shooting skills..


Jelly fish, why the color are greenish? actually they are white transparent, the color are from the environment light. (the light keep circle blue -> green -> yellow -> red -> purple)


Frog, a special frog look like the color of stones around him/her.. look cute ^^


Octopus, swim around in his own aquarium (too free, nothing to do. hahaha)

end post.


7-5-2011 Saturday


Back from Kuala Lumpur (KL)

 I'm back! yes I'm back! hahaha I already reached my home yesterday, but I'm too tired, So I take one day rest before resume my blog again. All I can say is, I hate travel, coz of infection of food poisoning, what the... whole night sitting in the toilet and also vomit too.. that's the day before going back to home. I'm fine now, so no need to worry.. hahaha.. still feel very tired today, copying photos into my computer, will share some pics soon, give me some time, lots of pics... :))

 I don't see so much changing in Kuala Lumpur this time since 2009, same buildings, same roads, same trains, same girls.. no.. no.. girls are getting prettier nowadays at KL, last time most of them are very good in fashion + normal face, now pretty face with average fashion.. that's a good sign.. :)  more post coming up, just wait.. hahaha

end post.


30-4-2011 Saturday


Leaving to Kuala Lumpur

 I'm finally leaving to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning, exciting moments coming up because I'm going to travel with my best friend, and I already called my friends at KL to do some fun project. So I'll continue my blog on next weekend, let me just forgot about the computer and try to enjoy the trip. hahahaha I think I'm not going to write my blog while I'm traveling, but next weekend I should be here and share more stuffs back from KL. You guys sure can wait right, just a few days only :)

 I'm getting ready for my bag, so see ya guys again somewhere next week, wait for my great pics from KL. Miss ya :p. I'm off, Zzzzz.. 

end post.


29-4-2011 Friday


IPAD 2 is out

 Oh yeah, my blog page now jumped into page 2, for older post, go to 1st page. thx! 

 IPAD 2, getting much more cheaper from starting price compared to 1st gen IPAD, start from US$499,you can get the 16GB wifi basic IPAD2, maybe because tablet type devices are increasing recently. Apple make it more affordable to get more markets, even it's very cheap now, but I didn't make my move to get one, Since I already got iphone device(s). For myself, I'm getting bored on IOS platform since I discovered so much of the apps & games in idevice. Frankly speaking, I didn't found any special in IPAD2 compared to IPAD & iphone 4. What do you think? hehehe


end post.

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