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12-01-2012 Thursday


January trip at Kuala Lumpur malaysia.

   Happy New Year!!! 2012. Sorry for let these posts left behind, hope you guys got a very wonderful xmas celebration in the year end of 2011. We are restarting our new year again for 2012, what you guys wanna do this year? any target and plan? sure you guys got your own plan right? else plan something now before it is too late.

   Oh ya, back to the main title, I just back from Kuala Lumpur on this tuesday, my main purpose fly there are enjoying life, shopping and nothing else. hahaha, I tot there will be no changes in Kuala Lumpur since I just visited there for the past few months, but I was wrong, there're some minor changes.. hahaha I didn't expected.

   There're two changes, one is the LRT train Rapid KL had changed to new ticketing system, now using the blue token. A token alike ticketing system, make us pass thru the ticketing passage more easily than ever, just scan the token over the sensor, and then u can pass thru it, after arrived at your destination, u gonna put the token into the ticketing system to unlock the passage. I was shocked on that moment when I get the token from the counter. hahaha I was unable to figure it out what is the purpose of this token? a collectable item? after confused for awhile, I decided to ask the staff to explain how to use it.. hahaha what a shame.

   Here come another changes, Pavilion mall, happening now is the "united buddy bear" event showing all the statue of bear from all around the globe, you can go and check it out if you go there. I think this event will last until 15th feb, take some shots or whatever you like, all the statue are located in front of the main entrance of pavilion mall. Also, the latest completed tokyo street area at 6th floor in Pavilion mall, cool designs, the unique part that I like are the light design, make you feel like day light even you are at indoor inside the shopping mall area. The 6th floor mostly are japanese restaurants, japanese stores and other non-japanese stores. Look at the pictures below for understanding more that I did mentioned above, hope you guys enjoy it. :)

   Oh ya! all the shots below are shoot by Digital lomo camera ( what's this? will tell u guys soon)

token from Rapid KL (stock photo from official web)

Pavilion Shopping mall


united buddy bear


Tokyo street at 6th floor in pavilion


Doraemon item. sales

end post.


17-12-2011 Saturday


Enjoy Merry XMAS 2011 everyone! Cheers!

   XMAS is coming!! Let's get ready to enjoy this festive seasons~~ Many sales!! enjoy shopping or what? But anyway, listening to xmas song is the best thing to warm up the xmas feel. I am providing some xmas song for u guys here, for those haven't found or lazy to search. hahahaha ok party ON!! merry xmas everyone! have a nice xmas ever this year!!

All I want for xmas is you


We wish you a merry XMAS!!



Santa claus is coming to town.


Jingle bells



last xmas


end post.


12-12-2011 Monday


One of my favorites japanese song this year

Kimi to zutto(you and me forever) - yuyu

   I felt very impressed when I first listened to this song , it seem like the best japanese song I ever listened in this year. I found this song from my favorites anime(originally) Detective conan but this one is original sound track from real life drama version of detective conan . This is the only OST song performs at the end as ending theme song.  I love this one so much, I even want to sing with it while this song is playing. Hahaha but my japanese still not so good, nvm, I'll start to improve my japanese from now on.. Ganbate for myself :))

kimi to zutto


end post.


09-11-2011 Wednesday


Mozilla firefox browser Ver 8.

   Long time didn't update my blog, but I'll be back here to post something whenever I needed to or wanted to. Hehehe, this time is about the firefox web browser, I don't know what is the story about the software version keep jumping up quicker than normally they do, of coz non of my business, hahaha.. Just wondering why they jump it from ver. 5 to ver.7, skipped the ver.6 and now ver. 8.


end post.


01-10-2011 Saturday


Creative mind.

Hi again to everyone, there're always a Creative mind out there, it doesn't matter where you are living. Here's one out there, this guy represent a very good heart minded person, he not only helping the people around him, he also have a very creative thinking to create his own solar system. At the meantime, This is Green!! Our world need Green badly. I'm very appreciate what he has done to the people and the world.

Solar bulb made of used recycle bottles.


end post.


30-8-2011 Tuesday


Very familiar 90's - 2K's music

I'm back, I know I didn't update my blog for long time, but still thanks to many of you still keep visiting my site :). How are you guys!? everything goes well? I do hope you guys are feeling great and happy always. I'm here to introduce my recently discovered music that make me feel worth to mention about, because 90's-2k's music are the most music I like.

Let's me introduce to you guys out there, is a boy band called "Big time Rush", as I know they got their 1st album in 2010, album title "Big time rush" same as their band name.  What I love about it most are the music is just like those hot song in the 90's to 2k's , I'm very enjoying it every time I listening to it, you may too. Hope you enjoy it :)) see ya. Hopefully I do have more time to write something in my blog. thanks again!

World wide






Boyfriend another full MV


end post.


05-7-2011 Tuesday


2nd Mtv film <The Shadow behind>

 Oh yeah, here it is~ Long awaited 2nd mtv, it has been ago since the 1st mtv, this mtv are special made to get on screen in my friend birthday night, I mean showing at my friend's house not cinema.. hahaha

Title : The Shadow behind



                 : icreatorstudio.blogspot.com

                 : www.andec2.com

Director : Ronald Chang

Storyboard : Ronald Chang

Art director : DAC

                     : Franco Siaw

Starring : Nana

Videographer : Franco Siaw

                          : DAC

Editor : Franco Siaw

           : Ronald Chang

Special thanks to : Vicky


end post.


04-7-2011 Monday



 It has been a month I didn't update my blog, so sorry about that, I got no extra time to write something recently, but will update some now because I just finished one of the important job yesterday. It's very tired, working for 4 days from 730am till 10-11pm. I never use photography to earn $$$, but this time I did, and with a very profitable earning. For the future, I think I will not do it again, coz it's not fun but I can handle it very well since I can handle my camera well. Next time, I will arrange my professional partner to do those job for me, so I can just have fun like any of my ordinary day :p.

 New Mtv film coming up, 2nd short mtv, I will update it in my blog and front page when it's ready. just wait for it.

end post.

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