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27-10-2012 Saturday

Here it is, revisited Taiwan's photos.

  Finally is UP!, I'm here to give you guidance for what I had go thru on last august 2012 in taiwan. This is what my main plan to taiwan, I do many research for this and  perfectly accomplished as what I expected. There're fun, but lots of staircase to step upward before we reached our destination. A place called xiang shan(象山) in song shan RD taipei. It was a high hill that beautifully designed to enjoy great view of the taipei 101 city tower, this is what I wanted to go as I missed out on my 2011 trip to taiwan. Without wasting any more time, let me show you those photos and the guidance to reach that place as accurate as possible.

  1st, Go find a metro train station in taipei, Locate yourself and figure out the lane to Yongchun train station, after reached, head outside the EXIT number 5 and find the bus stop of yong chun li (永春里) or EXIT no.4 and find yong chun gong yu(永春公寓) bus stop not far away. If you can't find it, you can try to ask someone around there, there're some shops around. after you found the bus stop, you can take bus no.299 (or maybe alternative bus, you can refer to the sign as shown as below). We are going to yong chun gao zhong(永春高中).


  You will reach the end of the bus station , you're going to start walking by your own feet, just follow some of my photo shown as below.


  Go this way straight up hill 


  Some of the old house on left, from there you can see a two way junctions, just take the right one and you will see a sign on right, keep scrolling down to see those pics for your references.


  This is the sign with staircase right beside it. 


 Go ahead and heading upward and you'll see the sign of yong chun's park and follow the left path to the entrance.


  Follow the left side, and you will see xiang shan sign under your feet. Just go ahead follow most of the staircase heading upward to the hill, you will never go wrong with it.


  Ahh, after a few path, you will find out that, the view just starting to appear. keep going!~ 


  Great view after you reached about half way, time to take some shots. :) enjoy it.


  What's this called? a stamp? your can obtain it by putting some blank paper on the top of the stamp and start sketching it, you will then get the result.


  Oh Finally, after stepping a lots of staircase along the path, here's my 1st shot while resting. :) beautiful view, worth it worth it!  (we are on the top now, maybe got other viewing area which I didn't go further). There're a kiosk with roof on top. For additional information, I didn't found any toilet here, be sure you get ready before you go up, and bring enough water for yourself.


  We're waiting for the sunset, but there're a lots of cloud floating around covered up the sun, but at last, we still saw it coming, didn't disappoint us. thanks so much!~


  We keep on waiting till the sun goes down, so we got sunny, sunset & nite shots all together at once. Those are in our plan, but my friend forget to bring torch light, end up rely on our smart phone by switching on the flash light and go back thru all the way from where we initially came. We managed to take some portrait shots with this beautiful view and also managed to get on bus at around 8pm. Nice one! :)) Cheer!


end post.



21-10-2012 Sunday 

Where's the promised taiwan & HK photos?

  Sorry guys, I'm still picking plus editing those photos, and yet hands full at this moment. Please, be patience, I won't let you guys wait for too long, there're some sneak peek photo on top of the website and on the front page. I'm a little bit sad cause I don't even have a little spare of time to make it animated as I always do  before, but I think I will make it animated as soon as I can in the near future.. Please enjoy what I have updated now. thanks!

end post.



20-10-2012 Saturday 

One of my favorites chinese album for 2012

Angela chang

  She has not been released any album for about 3 years, miss her song and voice so much. Nonetheless, here come her latest album,  <Visible wings> , older album given title was invisible wings, great title of coz, continuing her journey as a singer. This time, I'm getting some much impression about the quality of the songs in this album, like I can't stop listening to it day and night. Excellent song all I can say, love it! I highly recommended a song "Honestly" are 100% guarantee to give you outstanding quality of music and remarkably outperformed singing voice. ok guys, judge it by yourself, click on these recently released MV for your personal pleasure. I doubt you'll like it :) Just do enjoy it.


That girl



How are you recently?



Keep walking



Honestly (haven't released MV, outperformed song ever)


end post.



08-10-2012 Saturday


I'm back with new updates

   OMG! it has been so long I didn't touch my blog, sorry for my followers, I fell very guilty about it. But, you're about to see my latest photos that I took it recently at Taiwan in August & HongKong in September 2012.

   Why I didn't update my blog? as many of you sure pop up many times in your mind right?. Ok I'm here to answer this hot question hahaha. Ok the answer, since last year I has been busying with my own business and my parttime jobs, I got just a little of spare time for myself to write my blog . I'm so sorry for those who checking my blog, I don't want to be like this, but I needed to. Wait a minute, but I will always bring what I think the best in my life to share it here with you guys~ cause I love to & also like to rejoice with you guys here, I'm more than happy to give very accurate information & the most happening things today for you all :)  


end post.

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